Alternating Dosing Timer Control Panel

Alternating Dosing Timer

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Septic Panel Overview:

The ALT-DTIMER Control Panel is designed to monitor pump tank levels and operate two alternating 1/2 HP 120 VAC pumps through a simple programmable controller as an exact dosing timer. The Alarm can be used as a High Level or Low Level Alarm depending on the type of float used. This control panel has two incoming 120 VAC circuits. There are three circuit breakers included. One is for the alarm and one for each of the pumps.


  • 4X Enclosure with hinge door and locking latch.
  • Test and Silence Switch
  • Programmable Controller for dosing timing and relay switching
  • Three UL1077 Circuit Breakers
  • Red alarm beacon mounted to top of panel
  • Two pump control relays
  • Audible alarm
  • 1 year Factory warranty
  • Touch safe terminal strip for easy field wiring

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