Stand Alone Auto Dialers Control Panels

Stand Alone Auto Dialer
Control Panels

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Septic Panel Overview:

The Septic Panels USA Cellular Auto Dialer integrates the Pump Alarm cellular modem to provide peace of mind with text message alerts for high/low temperatures and power failure.

We can integrate any manufacturer of cellular modems into this system!

Additional sensors can be added to monitor high water or water detection applications. The modem can run for hours on the included 4 x AA batteries for backup power.

Programmable Inputs

  • Each input is fully customizable.
  • Inputs 1 and 2 are individually wired; inputs 3,4 connect internally using a 3 pin wire, for our sump pump float switch and sewage float.
  • A splitter is available if you would like the ability to monitor individually.

Cellular Radio

  • CDMA2000 dual band 800/1900 radio.
  • Message up to 3 mobile devices. Accepts messages for easy programming / status testing.
  • Transmits SMS via Verizon’s cellular network.

Audible Alarm

  • Used as a backup to cellular notifications.
  • 2.9 kHz +/- 500 Hz, 100 dBA with wall power.
  • 75 dBA (estimated) on backup batteries.
  • dBa varies by distance from unit and number of obstructions.


  • Capacitive Touch Buttons
  • Power/Mute: Hold to power the device on/off (receive notifications when power is turned off). Tap the button to Mute current alarms.
  • Test: Tap to send all programmed numbers a message, letting you know your device is working.

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