The Grinder Duplex Control Panels

Grinder Duplex Control Panel

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Septic Panel Overview:

Duplex Control Panel - Grinder, for use with the Liberty Grinder Pump # LSG202M-C. This control panel is rated at 2HP, 230V, Single Phase. Includes the motor capacitors, 30 Amp power relay, UL1077 circuit breakers, Dual contactors, Dual HOA toggle switches with LED indications, push-in touch safe terminal blocks. 360 degree Red alarm beacon is mounted to the top and with audible alarm and system enable / test toggle on the door.


  • 20” x 16” x 8” , UL / Nema 4X Polycarbonate enclosure, with hinged door and locking latches
  • 230V / Single Phase input
  • Sized for use with 2HP Liberty Pump # LSG202M-C
  • Motor Capacitors and power relay are included in the control panel
  • UL 1077 circuit breakers are included, and no fuses
  • Dual HOA toggle switches with LED indication
  • Push-In technology terminal blocks with laser engraved wiring plate for field wiring

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